Sunday, September 18, 2011

ic! berlin

When plastic glasses swamped the market, ic! berlin has dawned upon as David against Goliath in the industry.  

A pair of good eyeglasses is critical. One times I played basketball in my PE lesson, the ball rebound from the rim of the hoop and crushed my eyeglasses into pieces. So, don't trust the brittle plastic glasses, for your own safety. 

Second plastic eyeglasses are quite artless. The worst ones are from Evisu, a Japanese company that originally produce jeans. It encroached the market with the vulgar combination of colors in plastic material and put them together into frame with screws and bolts. Ray -Ban glasses, in contrast, produce simplistic design that feature neither elegance nor minimalism. Glasses from Alain Mikli are better but the so - called design shouldn't entail and shouldn't worth the prices they charged. 

In the midst of these cheap artless plastic glasses, ic! berlin strike a light with her elegant stainless metal frame, along with her patented technology to make screwless joint. This means you can dissect the glasses  into pieces and put them together, fitly and within seconds. 

Here's the proof and what I've done with my own pairs: 

Further the frame is cut out from a metal sheet. This is not just something fancy. The flat steel frame maximizes the flexibility and so it won't break into pieces when hit by basketball (unfortunately what happened to me). Even if it disjointed, the screwless hinge and joint mean you can always put them back. The cutout from a metal sheet is evidenced by the wide - temple (the flat metal that connects the two lenses). You'll notice the ugly protruding temple in all plastic glasses. 

The metallic quality of the frame also raises an air of modernity plus elegance. The minimal design with the inherent flexibility gives out the urban modernity that other plastic glasses can never hope to rival. The recent new series it's physic!s is especially cool when ic! berlin has sought out the ways to amalgamate difference metallic materials. The uncertainty principle at the top is the one that I want to add to my collection. 

Surely ic! berlin is not the only choice to escape from tyranny of plastic glasses. Mykita, Lindenberg and Undostrial (which is a recent interesting brand with the mission to undo industrialization) all provide the alternatives. 


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