Saturday, May 31, 2008

An Unfinished Story

The wan moonlight penetrates through the quiet night and hit upon a withered branch of a thick old tree which struggles to grow out from a creak beside the red-brick wall. Another wall goes parallel with the other one and this forms a long and narrow alley. Occasional squeaks of rats are heard and black cat with luminous eyes in the leadened dark is searching for food in the heaps of garbage. The squeaks are soon to be replaced by sharp moaning as the cat are delightfully and maliciously vivisecting the struggling rats. A wavering shadow is slowly formed on the wall and this is briskly followed by man who is wearing a large flat hat and wrapped in thick cloth. He is trotting in the alley and an object is fallen from him.

The night passes quickly with unusual quietude. The sun begins to rise from the horizon and its finger-like rays stream through the dim blue sky. Slowly and surely, the sun creeps to the center of the sky. Its rays are now merged into a mass of inseparable light . Under this sun, a boy is rushing through the alley and suddenly sees a ......

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