Sunday, June 01, 2008

Under the Sun

Under the sun, he is thinking. What is life? What is death? Life is death. Death is life.To be alive is to be dead. To be dead is to be alive. You search for pleasure and happiness when you are alive. In death, you find the ultimate peace. The purpose of both life and death is to achieve the maximum well being.

Strange, strange. It is so much easier to die than to remain alive. Living is such a painful experience. One is born. One fights for food. One designed every wicked way to harm the other. Meanwhile, one must defend oneself from other danger as well. This process of attack and defence possibly takes sixty to eighty years. At the end, one fails to achieve maximum well being.

In death, one needs someone ( or possible himself only) to stab the knife on the fifth bone of the left rib cage, you die, without pain, in a fraction of a second. Automatically, you gain peace. A peace which all living people struggles to find but hopelessly fail.

Strange, strange. Why are other people not aware of this fact? This simple truth. Am I the only who knows it? No, no. Hitler knew it. He had given the best gift, peace, to the Jews by gassing them en masse. People did not understand him. Hitler was, in fact, a Jew-lover.

The world is never fair. Bad people die quicker and good people live longer.

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