Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Starry Night

Some nonsense for me to avoid doing history homework today :

The myriad of stars appear in the sky. They compete with each other with their blue, red and green lights but none of them is able to penetrate through the dark mass of leaves that covers the pathway.

The streetlight stabs through the leaves and is deeply rooted at the end of the pathway. Under it stood her. Through black glasses with a bright red joint, her brown dark eyes are looking at him.

At the other end of the pathway stood him. He is looking at her. She has a oval face with a high nose and long chin. The subtle yellow streetlight hit upon the tiny little red, blue and green stones in her earing of a butterfly.

The light reflects back like the light of the stars in the sky. Yet they are both looking at each other. With silence.

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