Saturday, November 05, 2011

'Voting not required'

'Voting not required'

The Hong Kong media keeps reporting on a CE election that 99.9826% of the Hong Kong population can not vote (alternatively, an election that only 0.0174% of the population can vote),  while the election by universal suffrage in District Council receives scant attention.

When you receive a post saying 'voting not required', you'll understand why the media has done so. While the CE election is choosing the best of the worst, still, some gossip here or there (funny claim that CY 梁振英 beat his wife or 感情缺失 by Henry Tong - what do you mean?)  provide topics during tea - time.

For DC election, what do you have? Well, talking how many candidates get elected automatically. 76, most of them either DAB/LP or other covert pro - China independents/parties. The end of topic.

Ma Ngok said politics in districts become mere 'interest dispensation' (here). By this, he means the 'snake banquet' or the 'seafood trip' offered by the DAB.

From my experiences working at DAB last summer, it works like this: Having finished the seafood banquet lunch for 50 dollars (HK), the people, old or middled aged, were taken by travel bus straight to the Victoria Park - to support the Constitutional Reform Package in 2010.

Most 'iron votes' for DAB come from places where immigrants newly arrive. DAB works hard to attract their votes by organizing activities and improving the districts (well, as minor as removing two dogs on the streets - hugely celebrated in banners on the road) through the generous unknown fund of 4 million dollar. But do not forget they are also the most vocal against new immigrants from China in 1999,  against Chinese pregnant women and now against Filipino.

Treasure the vote in your hand. NPCSC's decision in 2007 held Hong Kong 's CE election in 2017 may be implemented by universal suffrage. I hope no one will ever receive a 'voting not required' post at that time. 

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