Thursday, November 17, 2011

Why I am so Smart (or so Stupid)

Why I am so smart and so stupid 
The news on this Wednesday reported a child at fifth grade primary school (P5) hid in the toilet for a long time. The Filipino helper knocked on the door. Silence. After 10 minutes, A cry was heard. It was found out the child had jumped out from the window and died. (news here)

He is the fifth victim since this September, joining the other four students who also jumped down the building to suicide. (source here)

Despite school works, children commits themselves (willingly or unwillingly) to extra - curricular activities that completely fill up their schedules. The child in the news studied at China Kei Wan Primary School (中華基督教會基灣小學)  - not only a famous Band 1 school but also one that requires every student to learn at least one musical instrument or to join some form of activities outside of school.

Parents' cares start when the children are just babies. You will notice that when the TV keep showing funny ads on how the phD milk powder can enhance child's brain development (does that mean the one who don't get it will become brainless because of little development?). I can't stand the one interviewing the parents why they trust the brand for making the feaces soft; I mean who cares?

Their cares do not stop but reaches till university. It's amusing to read how Professor Choy talks about the 'Monster Parents' during the student information day in the Chinese University. In one demonstration of science experiment, parents participated, made notes, video - recorded it and then show it to their children at home. (article here) I wonder, who is the student? The parents or the children?

In fact, I found it funny when I happened to join a trip to visit the organic farms and a staff was showing how to make cookies, the man beside me, holding his 2 year - old child, translate all the procedures into English for him.

Unfortunately (or rather fortunately), I don't have all these opportunities to learn during my childhood. I was sick for most of the times and so staying at home was big part of my life. When I was not sick, i went out to play, throw snowball or make snowman.

In Halloween, I disguised as vampire and played trick or treat in the neighborhood. I would have a large bag of candies that took me around a month to finish it.

Now I am in my 3rd year, studying Government and Laws Degree in the Hong Kong University. 

Why I am so smart or so stupid? Because I didn’t take any phD, DHA or β-Glucan milk powder when I was small. Or does it matter? 

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標少 said...


When I sent my girls into Kei Wan Primary School, I liked their music education. I did not breed my girls to be all-rounders. I did not take them to swimming, ballet or painting class. Apart from piano lessions, they did not attend any other coaching style classes. I tried to give them space for imagination. I took them to the park to play every day. I let them read the books they liked to read. My younger daughter started to read 金庸 in P.3 and she finished all 36 volumes when she finished her P.6. I can understand the peer pressure from other parents. Other parents feel that if you do not spoonfeed your kid, you must have failed your duty to prepare them for the impending competition. How pathetic yet realistic!